What payment options can I choose from?


At Chili Technology, we want to provide you with the easiest and most affordable way to get a great night’s sleep. See our payment options below to find out which plan will work best for you! Please note, our 90-day satisfaction warranty and two-year manufacturer’s warranty apply to any of the payment methods discussed below.


Accepted payment methods:

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. We also accept payments through PayPal Express Checkout and ApplePay.

Please note, certain conditions must be met in order to use the ApplePay option. To use ApplePay, you must be logged in to your iCloud account while using Safari and have a valid credit card on file. You must also update your software to at least MacOS Sierra or later in order to use ApplePay.

If you’re seeking more flexibility, Chili Technology now offers a FuturePay option, which you can learn more about below!



We’re excited to announce our latest payment method, FuturePay! Have you wanted to reap the benefits of the ChiliPad, but been unable to afford the unit at the time? FuturePay is the solution. This is a secure and convenient payment option that allows you to make purchases online without a credit card. It’s our "buy now, pay later" purchasing option.

You can purchase any of our products for minimum payments as low as $25/month. At the end of every billing period, you have two options - You can either pay off the remaining balance in full or make a minimum payment and carry the rest for $5/month for every $500 of carried balance.

If you’re interested in paying for any of our products with FuturePay, select the “FuturePay” option at the time of checkout.

This is our most flexible payment option and there are no hidden fees. For a complete description of FuturePay's terms and conditions, click here.

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