How do I clean and care for my Chili Control Unit?

How do I clean and care for my ChiliPad System?

Recommendations for keeping your Kryo, Inc. system running efficiently for years of great sleep:

Cleaning Tips for Control Unit

  • Periodically remove and clean dust screen at the intake vent under the handle for the CP-100 model.
  • Use can of compressed air (or similar) to blow through the vents (under the handle on the CP-100 Model) removing dust and debris.

Using Our chiliPAD Cleaning Solution:

  • One time per month, add one packet of the chiliPAD cleaning solution to your Cube/control unit. It's easy + quick:
    • Empty your cube/control unit
    • Fill it with clean, distilled water
    • Pour in the chiliPAD cleaning solution
    • Connect your cube to pad and run it on "HI" for 1 hour
    • Drain the water mixture from the cube/control unit
    • Refill with distilled water + run like normal
  • You can purchase packets of the solution at

How Do I Wash/Clean My Pad?

  • The mattress pads are machine washable on a front-load washing machine. Please secure the extension tail with a rubber band or other means to minimize the risk of it flailing in the spin cycle; this will help to ensure not causing any integrity issues to the male connector in the washing process. After securing the tail, just put your washing machine a gentle cycle (cold water only, we recommend adding a little bit of OxyClean)
  • Dry on a delicate cycle or air dry (again, no heat).
  • We recommend that you wash your pad with the same frequency as your Control Unit.

Operational Tips

  • Ensure there is ample space around the Control Unit for ventilation. The Control Unit utilizes fresh air as a coolant, so sufficient ventilation is necessary for optimal performance and lifespan of your ChiliPad system. Clearance of 24 inches on all sides is recommended.
  • Frequently inspect the connection tubes to ensure there are no kinks or restrictions that may prevent free flow of the water through your system. 

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service with questions or concerns regarding your Kryo, Inc. products.

Failure to care for and perform routine cleaning and maintenance may void warranty.
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