How do I clean the ChiliPad's water or prevent sediment buildup?

Water Cleaning Tips

  • Use our chiliPAD Cleaning Solution in your cube/control unit. One time per month, add one packet of the chiliPAD cleaning solution to your Cube/control unit. You can purchase packets of the solution at It's easy + quick. 

  • Empty your cube/control unit
  • Fill it with clean, distilled water
  • Pour in the chiliPAD cleaning solution
  • Connect your cube/control unit to pad and run it on "HI" for 1 hour
  • Drain the water mixture from the cube/control unit
  • Refill with distilled water + run like normal
  • Periodically remove and clean dust screen at the intake vent under the handle (for PLS Control Units ONLY)
  • For all units you can use a can of compressed air to blow in around side vents. (For the PLS control you can blow the top vent as well)

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