Why is my ChiliPad damp?

Condensation is a likely reason for a situation where you would feel moisture on your ChiliPad. Condensation is a natural occurrence on a surface that is cooler than the surrounding temperature with a relative high humidity. The dew point (when moisture occurs can be calculated with the temperature and relative humidity, for the techies go to www.dpcalc.org to check it out).  Once the dew point is reached moisture will form around the tubes.  A differential of any more than 20 degrees F between the air temperature and the control unit temperature setting in summer can often result in condensation. A solution for this issue is to adjust the control unit setting up a few degrees and ensure your room is climate controlled. To dry your pad, turn your control unit up to about 85 degrees and let it run for about an hour.

How do I know if condensation is the culprit? Turn your Cube to the Hi setting and let it run for an hour- If the pad still gets wet give Chili customer service a call.

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