What should I do when my OOLER Control Unit is no longer connecting to my OOLER app?

The OOLER Control Unit can currently connect to only one phone/tablet at a time. Please keep in mind that if you have two OOLERs, the 1st OOLER will be disconnected when you pair your phone/tablet to your 2nd OOLER. To reconnect to the 1st OOLER, simply hold down the power button for 5 seconds until the Bluetooth logo on the OOLER Control Unit starts flashing and ensure your phone/tablet is nearby. 

If you still have issues or if your phone/tablet is still not connecting, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure you are using the latest OOLER iOS or Android app. The latest iOS app updates can be found at https://www.chilitechnology.com/pages/app
  2. Since the OOLER Control Unit connects to your iOS or Android app via a Bluetooth connection, please make sure your iOS or Android device is in Bluetooth range of the OOLER Control Unit. (In the same room is best)
  3. Turn the phone/tablet's Bluetooth setting Off for 30 seconds and then turn the Bluetooth setting back On. 
  4. Reboot your phone/table.
  5. Remove the Device from your OOLER account and re-pair the device back to your OOLER account following the steps below:

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