OOLER EMF Repair or Replacement

Safety Advancements:

In a continued effort to provide you and your family with the safest, most updated technology, we are offering specific customers the opportunity to replace their OOLER for an upgrade. If your OOLER serial number falls within the May 2019 to December 2019 date range, Chili will replace your OOLER with our most advanced version that includes even lower EMFs (Electromagnetic fields). 

What are EMFs?

EMFs are emitted from our cellphones, TVs, and any electronics with Bluetooth capabilities, including the OOLER. And while EMFs are common and unlikely to cause any adverse health effects, we are insistent on striving to bring you the most natural product we possibly can. 

How do I get the updated OOLER?

If your OOLER falls within this date range, and you would like the updated version, be sure to have your serial number, shipping address, date of purchase, and proof of purchase handy. 


  • Select "How can we help"- Repair, then under "Classification Reason" elect Technical Difficulty, then OOLER EMF Evaluation.
  • Submit your information. 


You’re all set!

Still, have questions? No problem. Our customer service team is here to help :

+1 (877) 235-6271

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm EST 

Please note that if the return is not completed it will void out the product warranty. 

*For reference, the OOLER’s Magnetic Field Strength is measured at 0.01µT – 0.05µT (Microteslas) from 1 meter away, which is similar to that of a home office setup.*


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