How does the OOLER Refurbished Offer work?

How’s it work?
We currently have a surplus of refurbished sleep systems. In order to reduce waste and help you sleep better, faster, we randomly offer a discounted rate to customers who are eligible for one of our refurbished units.

We’ll credit you back $50 for a single-zone or $100 back for a dual-zone sleep system as part of this special promotion.

If interested, please fill out this form.

What is refurbished?
At ChiliSleep, refurbished items are simply products that were returned for various reasons, underwent an extensive check-up from our tech doctors, and were cleared to be used again. Like any returned item, they just want someone that will appreciate them and make them feel new again.

Why refurbished?
The great thing about a refurbished system is that it’s already here. It’s just as shiny and covered by the same warranty as all it’s brand-new buddies, but because it’s already in our warehouse, we can ship it immediately.

If you’d rather wait, that’s okay! You can expect a shipping confirmation with your original order # once your brand-new OOLER is available.

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